27 October 2021

SaaS Lead Generation in 2021 – Complete Guide

SaaS Lead Generation is crucial. SaaS leads have to be chased and contacted to transform themselves into a customer. 73% have already become a lead in order to buy from an IT company. Only 2% of prospective customers will choose your services from this time around. Easy Projects had leads increase by 249% in 5 months thanks to our experience. You can take confidence in knowing that you are getting expert help and assistance. How do you turn leads into buyers will be discussed in more detail in a separate post. Lead = customers = profit.

Referrals from relevant websites

In the B2B industry today it is possible to find blogs for everything existent regardless of your industry. The best way to get more qualified leads for your business is by guest posting at the appropriate blog or forum. If you don't already, start the blog or forum on your site.

Customers will begin the process of becoming members of their community and share their information with each other paving the road for better lead generation in SaaS applications. I would suggest assigning someone who has had time to organize your guests for regular posting. Consistency is incredibly useful for your ROI. Generally speaking, it is crucial to maintain consistency.

Make webinars part of your strategy

Hosting webinars as a SaaS marketing tool makes it a great strategy for getting great leads there's no need for much discussion. Inform your customers before you start with your live session in order to minimize time and improve the efficiency of your presentation. Make certain you 'decorate' your pre-webinar campaign with engaging content and pose dynamic questions.

Brush up on your presentation skills for a more confident performance. Don't forget that the webinar offers valuable data and engagement with users on the internet. Your target audience will be acquainted personally with you will instill trust in your presence.

Smart goals

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

S.M.A.R.T. is the acronym for specified measurable agreeable realistic and time-limited goals. These characteristics make a specific goal visible at all times. I have a few suggestions to help improve your saas sales: Generating 150 leads by the end of 2017. You can also do more: Increase sales conversions from email subscribers by 10% by Q1 2018. Improve the sales. 10%. Improve marketing conversion from emails. Subscription by. 9%. Increase converting for. Increase the number of e-mail subscribers to 10 percent and increase sales. Converts by 9.3% in Q1 of 2018. Find a Lead Generation strategy for your SaaS startup.


The keywords you select are directly related to how many leads were generated. 87% of B2B marketers believe in the role of the Web to influence purchasing decision-makers. Building a robust keyword catalog allows for more SEO and more leads. As consumers change demands, adjust your keywords to be relevant to what are your target group is looking for. Use The Google Keyword Tool to research a particular keyword used in your SaaS product. Choose phrases similar to music marketing agency, music marketing firm, global music marketing, reviews, comparisons, and more. Also, your keywords catalog shall be fluid and current.

gated content

Create gated content

Gated content is most often any premium content that your visitors just want for their contact info. Examples are videos tutorials and even detailed reports. For this lead generation plan for success, it is important to make sure that their visitor knows what they are expecting.

This was an important lesson Wistia learned when they employed GATED content to generate leads. As a result, the company boosted its Lead Conversion Rate in part thanks to the redesign which simplified the website and made it easier for their visitors to understand what they can get in return. This format change was easier.

Define your goal

SaaS marketers usually use a few different kinds of leads. You may even target different kinds of leads in different campaigns - so you need to know what they're focused on. The three types represent three different levels of customer intent. It is particularly important in the marketing of startups because failure to do so can lead to many confusion and wrong growth forecasts.

In general, these three categories divide into three categories - Mail subscribers to Social Networking websites Likes or shares to the page. Visit LinkedIn User Resources for detailed information about using LinkedIn.

SaaS blogging

The WordPress website alone provides more than 70 million blogs per month to its reader. To gain any significant benefits from SaaS blog blogging you have got to go further than posting low-quality articles and sharing only occasional issues. Remember to create leads.

You just need a reader who really likes what you have written and is looking for more. Check HubSpot's blog for an example in which to accomplish something correctly. Not only do they have so many posts that we don't even have time to read anything else but everything they wrote has a definite customer persona and gives the reader real, actionable value.

Running Webinars

You need a platform where you can host the webinar and handle event registration and SMS reminder. One of the biggest benefits of hosting a webinar is that once the recording has started you can reuse the recording as a part of any content marketing plan.

An old live webinar can turn into a. An old live webinar might be used as a marketing tool in a new way to show your expertise and authority on a subject he or she knows. In addition, you should build a dedicated landing page and add buttons to certain relevant pages on their websites.

Sales Qualified Leads

These types of leads we all want but the cold hard truth is you always end at IQL's, nurturing their leads so they turn into a prospect for long-term business. This can be the case where the salesperson has involvement (and thus qualified buyers ) with a low end of the funnel type offering (such as a free demo or test offer) and aimed at closing the deal. SaaS marketers use a content management strategy.

Marketing Qualified Leads

MQLs are within the thought stage of customer journeys and may be referred to as ‘warm lead’: That is, they are closer to buying than IQLs, but not as hot as SQL Servers.

Almost all prospects have expressed an interest in the products and solutions you have offered. If they do they have seen a series of webinars or downloaded a whitepaper they want your company.

Distribute content via social media

Social media is a good way for you to contact a client on a personal level. 92% of B2B marketers recommend launching new marketing campaigns using social media. A leading company that benefits greatly from utilizing social media is Host1Plus.

LinkedIn is used by people looking for companies to do business with. So LinkedIn is the best place to use social media to connect with your potential customers and build engagement with them at personal levels. Host1plus is a popular mobile app.

It can be used on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for advertising purposes if it doesn't already exist.

Optimize your website's speed

Walmart observed 2% sales conversion growth after improving its loading speed every 2 seconds. Walmart reported a 1% annual growth for any improvement in 100 milliseconds. If you don't know what your website load speed is using this free tool to check for it. If you're not sure about your load time then you can use it to test Google results. Your website takes approximately 3 seconds to load.

All of the sudden the company could be lost but the search engine results would have greatly decreased. Your loading speed is beneficial both in terms of lead generation and conversion.

Provide valuable data that pertains to your business

How do I talk to my customer in their language?

Use numbers to give a demonstration of the best customer service you provide to the customer.

The particular industry your company provides SaaS for is irrelevant in a given situation given this principle exists universally for the whole of a market. I. The devil is in the details so you must choose to use data that is specific to your future clients. When crafting your data storyline it must be balanced between too much information (overwhelming your opportunities) and excessive content exclusivity (not diversifying your content)

Create a video for your product

Videos continue to be the most prevalent form of content today. According to E2M Solutions, 92% of B2B marketers utilize video marketing channels with their lead leads. 65% of people have visual knowledge meaning they comprehend things more effectively when they use an audio-visual tool like videos or pictures.

When they hear your company announcing our company's latest product, they feel more ready to deal with you. That's why product explainer videos can help you generate 33% more leads. Videos can increase your prospects and generate more leads than your written copy.

Write quality blog posts

Consistency is the key to ensuring the best leads for your blogs. Keep in mind to incorporate link-to-action in your content. Precision Marketing Group increased the number of leads that is generated by 259% by increasing blogposts to generate fresh leads. Guest posts have allowed me to improve brand awareness and be published on sites such as HubSpot CreativeLive, & Blavity.

Since then I am available at HubSpot and Creativelive.com. I'm glad I can post my blog content with good articles at least three times per week. I hope to raise awareness of my SaaS startup.

Repurpose your content

Hubspot conducted an investigation of 14 companies and highlighted the potential benefits of using our services. They repurposed this content by transforming it into a show called Grow Your business with Rick Kranz hosted by Hubspot President.

Hubspot subsequently transformed the website into an ebook, using it as a platform to generate leads. This is just one of many ways in which Hubspot maintains quality content for its lead generation solutions. You can take advantage of it more effectively by reorganizing this content. Click here for more information.

Do your keyword research

A keyword is an online phrase used to get to an interesting article for a particular topic. It serves as a bridge that leads your customers to different content on your website or blog. SaaS startups that excel in lead generation take it one step further.

They don't create content with just their keyword list but instead use what they learn on sites and blog forums as they do on Quora. So use them and write content to use in your inbound marketing campaign to generate leads. When looking into keyword phrases for lead generation it helps three things:


The social media jungle

In 2016 a poll by Statista found 90 percent of American companies use social media for marketing purposes. The number of companies that use social networks effectively is increasing. Make sure your business has a professional presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and MySpace (just kidding about MySpace). The trick is not just a Facebook page for your companies. You have to be active on your social feeds, or potential leads will notice your active competitors. Follow users that you can offer service for with your SaaS company.

Practice lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with customers at every level of the buyer journey or the sales funnel. 62.5% of purchasers see consistent and timely communication as the biggest influence on choosing a service provider.

This is a very powerful lead generation strategy because you will develop trust and credibility with them by showing that you have an expert in your field by keeping constant communication with them. This enables you to build a reputation for your products and to show you know what they really need to.

Use LiveChat on important pages of your website

LiveChat was instrumental in improving Hygenia's inbound leads volume by 21%. With LiveChat, one customer representative can have four to six simultaneous conversations. This quick response rate allows HyGenia's customer reps to engage with visitors while they are still very interested enabling them to convert them into leads.

Live Chat lets you conduct more conversations with a single rep and thus decreases the time the lead must wait for someone to respond. Live chat allows users to gain leads quickly and automatically. Visit [link].

Offer a free trial to generate leads for your SaaS startup

In 2016, SAP was planning on developing 300 new leads in the ASEAN market through an SAP Business One business management system. The company has implemented a lead generation campaign to offer visitors 30-day trial runs.

The result was that they created 3,700 new leads over the original goal of 300. The company also reduced its price per lead by 88.5% and increased lead generation by 87.5% a study by SAP. This is because it gives your visitors the opportunity to try out your services completely and help them to make their decision.

Track your lead generation strategy's KPIs

Key performance indicators or KPIs are metrics that help measure the performance of lead generation efforts in relation to the goal you've set.

They show you which strategy works and which should be adjusted or updated. Having a good lead-generation business model could help. It's possible to use many KPI calculators that are easy to use and have good accuracy. I use Databox when I track my growth marketing ROI because I think that it's the most reliable analytics tool I know. Here are some more common lead generation KPIs.

Improving your buyer's journey

The buyer's journey is comprised of three acts in the interest of the buyer. 57% of all sales decisions occur before the customer ever contacts you. 50% of B2B customers reject vendors whose messages didn't communicate in enough detail.

Knowing your buyer's needs will allow you to tailor the entire design of your business to cultivate leads. Ask yourself: what would a visitor think about what a website is about? How did a subtext read? Are there any words in your landing page that say anything about the company’s message?

Email marketing is not dead.

Email marketing remains a lucrative domain for SaaS firms. The ROI is insane and you can get sweet open rates if you have strong headlines.

What would be their best method for getting results from the email campaign? Read today's article about using slick E-mail marketing to see results in the new years ad industry. - Read the latest blog posts to make sure that your website opens up to your best email traffic in a timely manner that gives you the best open potential to your email. Learn the essentials of Email Marketing.

Create an email drip campaign

Often, these opportunities will drop from your pipeline. Even prospects that went with a competitor could continue to turn into paid clients over time.

Don't let them go yet. Instead, create an email drip campaign to slowly and surely show your clients you are the company to need.

These drips should be less intense and less frequent than your conversion-focused campaign. One per month would be the trick; focus on supplying as much value as you can within the specific email that you're writing rather than putting just email. Similarly, invite them into an upcoming webinar. If you want to get some examples, say so.

Put a CTA in your email signatures

If you don't have a strong calling to action in your e-mail signature you're losing opportunities. You already have your Twitter account in that list and contact details there. So let them always be clear.

Add a link to subscribe to your site, or join a free trial to get the best email Signatures. Links to newsletters and subscriptions or subscribe to a service provider. Include a link for subscribers to subscribe.

Ask for email signups everywhere

There are a total of four CTAs that require email addresses. Here's a single blog post from LastPass. There are simply four such e-mails with no annoying pop-up advertisements.

You could be subtler than this and still include CTA's in your marketing content. Everyone wants to avoid a lot of unnecessary clicks. Nobody likes to have to deal with endless popups to access their website.

Have a clear buyer persona

buyer persona

Your buyer persona helps define buyer pain points, interests the target customer desires, and buying habits more precisely. These at their very best will enable you to contact clients and pique their interest. If you want a better product to sell then you must know a person.

It really works well that SaaS startups may have buyers, people, depending on what product they offer. Just make sure they relate well and have at least one trait in common so that everything fits together, says the author of the book SaaS.

B2B SaaS Lead Generation Using Social Media

There are still many social media platforms that work quite well for SaaS lead generation. LinkedIn is your obvious option but you should think on your own Twitter or Facebook depending on a customer persona. Remember you only communicate with decision-makers so you'll most likely not reach your target market with Snapchats and TikTok. Select all of your channels and be wise in choosing those that will help create leads. For details see https://twitter.com/ for a list more information about.

Targeted display ads

Display ads are the ads that most users look at while visiting LinkedIn. Most saas companies use this method of native advertising and use its personas in customer advertisements. This technique pushes ad messages to people who fit the criteria specified such as interests, occupation, and location.

A website you visit also uses Facebook's pixels which track your visitor traffic. These are then reconnected directly to a potential buyer. The principle behind this is that it is more likely for your ads to be seen by highly relevant people if they are similar in several aspects to prospects who already show an interest in you.

To use social media successfully to generate leads, your advertisement must be driving viewers towards a specific call to action.

LinkedIn InMail

LinkedIn's InMail system works a lot differently from Instream ads. It's like delivering messages directly to your emails instead of appearing in your feed via a Facebook message. LinkedIn InMail response rate is 600% higher than any email using similar content. Mail uses more aggressive means but it does everything right.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

mobile friendly

If you cannot have any web development team to create your site, choose a responsive web layout. So your theme automatically adjusts according to how your customer interacts with your site.

An alternative is to use click-to-call links to your website rather than call-to-call buttons. It will make it easier for them to get more information on your product. If you need to generate leads for SAV companies make sure you have the right website design on mobile devices for quick loading speeds.

Perform On-Page SEO

It seems to me that SEO and other inbound search engines are more useful than ever before. Search Engine Optimization (SEO or otherwise) is a set of guidelines to give better performance. No matter how well your site is, the search engine should always be looking up the best site possible.

There are two very important meta tags that a professional search engine should not forget about: Meta tags. Meta Tags can be used to improve search results in website pages or in other Web domains.

Use CTAs in your email signature

Even just sending an email can make a huge difference to the growth of a SaaS startup. In some cases rewriting the URL, addresses can help increase reach. According to Radicati Research, a person sends 34 business e-mails a day with at least a few personal contacts.

In addition, a clever call to action can increase attention in your email and encourage a recipient to click to learn more about the startup's tools. For more details on how to use email marketing tactics click this link.

Host webinars

Today 50% of marketers use webinars. Customers find it appealing simply because they can access a class with no cost to do so. Marketers find it effective as one webinar can quickly convert 20-40% of the attendees into qualified leads for their product or service.

The biggest obstacle is registration as studies show that 40-50% of those attending the webinar don't attend them. This is an easy way to increase your effectiveness at using your webinars to generate leads.

Write guest blog posts

Ahref recently released a nationwide survey which revealed that the majority of those responding are still using guest blogging to drive traffic to their websites as an option in their lead generation campaigns.

Have you ever thought you'd be published in Forbes? Read Matthew Barby's detailed guide to get featured at best publications. How can we optimize content on Guest Bloggers to drive revenue for our SaaS startup?

What tools do I need to implement these strategies?

You need to have marketing technology to get started on everything the strategy is here about. But we are now able to condense it in six important tools, which are all the tools you need. Below is a short overview of each of the tools and the role that they serve in this article. Each of these tools tries to help you implement the optimal strategies.

A marketing planning system

TrueNorth supports you to create creatives by defining measurable goals and weekly milestones. It will then help you to prioritize campaign ideas by measuring Lead Availability, projected Impact, and confidence in hitting the target. To help you launch campaigns with less doubt, you can use the TrueNorth simulation for the prediction of the outcome of the campaign you propose and refine factors such as budget and KPIs to see how they impact performance.

Please take a look at our program for agile businesses that presents a framework for creating successful campaigns faster. Also, see our Marketing Plans for Agile marketing and our Marketing Plans for agile marketers.

Email marketing software

ActiveCampaign's SaaS solution for SaaS companies specializes in turn-around lead generation into a paid customer. Our email service ActiveCampaign utilizes Venture Harbour. It comes with an integrated CRM platform that stores all of your data along with enhanced email marketing automation and a suite of customer support features.

You can read our review of ActiveCamp's reviews for an honest look at the pros and cons of the platform and you'll find a large number of other options in the following pages where you can find the options used. There were many other alternatives to email marketing in the following article and in the following blog on the topic.

CRO toolkit

VWO is one of the most complete CRO platforms available. It would be an excellent choice if you want just one system. Alternatively, you can build your own CRO stack from multiple tools and you'll find a selection of tools to meet every major CRO goal in our list of must-have optimization tools.

The right tools are essentials for managing successful CRO campaigns but an all-in-one platform like VWO makes it invaluable. You can squeeze better performance out of them and make failed campaigns more successful with a solid conversion optimization process.

Chatbot / Live Chat Software

Online chat and online chats systems are vital tool in the world of SaaS enterprises. They act as the first contact point for the customer support team, giving an immediate reaction and directing users towards resources that might help with troubleshooting.

This takes us beyond the theme of lead generation but it provides a real asset for SaaS customer retention and keeping recurring revenue. But here we look in for tools to implement everything we are looking at today - let's jump into our first group of lead generation strategies and the strategies incorporated into our first group.

Landing page builder

Most of your SaaS campaigns require a dedicated landing page to generate leads. Unbounce is still the best landing page builder around but there's plenty of good options on the market.

Instapage is another excellent option and we also have an article which lists the best Builders currently available. Most of the strategies looked at here will help you get better results out of your landing page. Depending on the builder you choose to work with here are the most effective approaches to landing.

Subscription management software

Paddle is one of the best software options available as a SaaS provider. We currently use Paddle to manage subscriptions for a productivity app like Serene. We used Chargebee before as part of our form optimization tool Leadformly.

This and other platforms were all included in our top 5 choices in our article mentioned here. Please see our in-depth comparison of the best PayPal billing platforms for you and help you choose the right plan for your requirements. For more information on Paddle, please review Paddle's most competitive lists.

Capture more leads from your website

Our next section is to concentrate on using your website to generate leads without going too overpriced. Our six strategies for discussion have already been defined, and conversion optimization plays a crucial role. Firstly let's address the big subject of removing conversion barriers across the marketing funnel.

Eliminate conversion barriers

The topic of conversion optimization sometimes concentrates more on specific pages and page elements including optimizing your CTAs. In general, these most common conversion barriers include slow loading delays, complicated forms, and onboarding issues. Funnel leaks sometimes may be harder to identify because they are not responding to leads quickly enough either.

The first three items of this checklist are crucial for lead generation and the others are important once you capture the lead. So focus the focus of this article on optimizing the overall functionality of your site identifying conversion killers and optimizing CTAs. There should also be three recurring problems in the user experience: Conversion killers and marketing strategies.

Reduce loading times

Google has made page speed a ranking factor with its new Core Web Vitals initiative. Google's web speed is determined as the process of loading large content into the viewport takes. Google also measures the response time of interactive elements on a website to determine speed.

How does slow loading speed hinder capturing lead for the organic search that generates most of the Internet traffic 76% of all tracked B2B traffic according to naaa. The tech giant is going to be even more able to monitor page speed in greater detail and better accuracy. Use this report for the best and minimize loading times for your important sites.

Optimise your most important pages

The most important pages on your website for lead generation are Customer testimonials and dedicated pages targeted on customer groups/ industries. You need to identify which sites matter most in terms of how much a visitor should spend on his/her visit to your website.

We will also speak about pricing pages specifically, later in the next strategy. There are plenty of tips for maximizing landing pages (and important pages, in general) in these articles: We discuss both how to optimize landing pages and how to make the best use of these pages. We also discuss the pricing pages in this article.

Optimize your most important pages & page elements

We have looked at the wider goal of optimizing your funnel and increasing homepage speed across your website. Here we can concentrate on the most important pages in your websites to optimize the site performance when it matters most.

Create your buyer's journey from their perspective

Even if your SaaS startup is specifically targeting marketing companies it's very important to make them realize that they are looking to solve a solution. Focus your marketing strategies to cover the different stages of buyer travel: The buyer wants a logical answer to their questions to the best solution.

Your website is your best lead generator

Conversion optimization is an entire field for itself. Here are some tips from experts for starting. If you focus on traffic organically it could lead prospects towards your website. Tell me the most efficient way to optimize a website for converting leads into leads. For more information visit:

Tried And True - Free Trial

Free trial sessions are the best way to get hot top-of-the-fun leads. Offering a free demonstration with a sales rep is an excellent way to do this and it can be a solid measure of how serious the prospect is. Video works best here because you can show prospects precisely what they should expect and then they can experiment and follow along in real-time.

You should also produce quality content to help guide them through using your product, such as the amazing video shown above by Pipedrive which instantly highlights the features of their sales CRM. The best way to make free trials pay per install your application is to actually help people use your software.

Get your customers talking with a chatbot

ChatBot is a virtual assistant. You can use Chatbots to answer a lot of typical questions. RingCentral Online ChatBot Eliminates Barriers and makes starting a discussion with sellers quick and simple. Does ChatBot actually understand this problem? Give us your e-mail and we will get back to you within a few weeks.

The example above for RingCentral shows that their chatbot eliminates barriers to starting a conversation with sales. In the photo above a chat Bot can be used to get people through the process. In the example here a customer support associate always helps customers navigate throughout a store and offers tips.

Install an exit intent popup

Exit intent popup is an exit intent pop-up activated when an opportunity is triggered. It is all up to you whether you give something for free or something really useful and not worth giving out. Your offer may be different depending on what you offer. It's just similar to your hail mary website lead generation but you should have different entrance intent windows for different web pages for different web websites. For instance, a free trial or an online course would be free.

Article written by James Baker

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